…Some things you can’t do alone, your spiritual JOURNEY is one of them.

So what exactly is a JOURNEYgroup? JOURNEYgroups are small groups made up of 10-15 people who want to connect with people who are moving in the same spiritual direction. Groups generally meet in homes for about an hour. Some groups meet every week following a semester model and others meet twice a month throughout the year. 

Why should I join a JOURNEYgroup? You will meet new people and experience community in a new way. You will grow spiritually, and maybe get some great desserts! Once I join a JOURNEYgroup, am I stuck forever? Absolutely not! We want you to find a group where you fit! So if the group you join doesn’t work for you, you can change to another at the end of the semester. Is there childcare available? Each JOURNEYgroup deals with this issue in it’s own way.  Some groups are kid-friendly, some arrange childcare together, while others, ask that you arrange childcare on your own.

How do I join a JOURNEYgroup? JOURNEYgroup sign-ups happen in January, May and August. Groups happen almost every day of the week and at many different times. A listing of groups will be available during these sign-up times or you can always visit our JOURNEYgroups finder.